LEGO® PRZYGODA oglądaj za darmo

LEGO® PRZYGODA oglądaj za darmo

Oglądaj online za darmo

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gatunek:Animacja, Komedia, Akcja
produkcja:Australia, USA
premiera: 7 lutego 2014 (Polska) 2014-02-07 6 lutego 2014 (świat) 2014-02-06
reżyseria:Phil Lord, Christopher Miller

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Chop the actual LEGO® PRZYGODA oglądaj za darmo red onion along with green salt make these questions resealable plastic case. Clean the ground beef meal make this within case. At the same time for your marinade, have a medium-sized serving along with pour the actual lemon juice inside it. Currently include the actual Worcestershire hot sauce recipe, white wine LEGO® PRZYGODA oglądaj za darmo vinegar, chilies, minced garlic clove, vegetal oils, oregano, salt along with deserving of for the lemon juice. Having a place combine each of the ingredients thoroughly along with pour them equally both in the plastic bags, made up of the actual ground beef meal along with cut veggies. Make it possible for this kind of mixture to help marinate in the freezer, if at all possible over night intended for optimum flavor. Remove the meal along LEGO® PRZYGODA oglądaj za darmo with veggies from the bags soon after money them regarding marinade. Placed the marinated meal covering the grill along with prepare food for around 10-15 minutes, rotating this until each of the attributes are generally uniformly cooked. Place the actual tortillas in a very evade along with frill this. Placed the veggies within evade along with seal cracks firmly. In the same manner, warmth the actual veggies through putting it out oblique warmth. As the meal possesses cooked, remove it from the warmth along with do into slices. Unwrap the actual foils make the actual tortillas with a menu. Best this with all the meal along with cooked veggies. You could assist this kind of yummy prepared meal fajitas together with avocado LEGO® PRZYGODA oglądaj za darmo along with sour treatment.

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